❓Which web browser?

MeltingSpot is designed to work with any currently supported web browser, but we highly recommend you use Google Chrome (our developers' first choice!).

Please avoid outdated (and unsupported) browsers like Internet Explorer. Thanks!

📧 Receiving emails from MeltingSpot

To avoid receiving MeltingSpot emails in your spam box, make sure our email domain (app.mltngspt.com) is considered safe by your email client.

Here's a few technical details if you want to make sure our emails fall on the right side of your mailbox

Host: smtp.postmarkapp.com
Port: 587
Adresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

Whitelisting our domain names

Our platform is using a number of services that need to be accessed each time you log to your Spot. In order to ensure that all features are accessible, please make sure that the following domain names are not blacklisted by your organisation.

1. Make sure these domains are accessible
2. And make sure that WebSockets are authorised on any of these domains and subdomains on ports 80 and 443

* iframe.ly

* go.meltingspot.io
* daily.co
* pusher.com

* URLs like "https://www.youtube.com/watch/xxx" or "https://vimeo.com/xxx"

🛟 Stuck? No time to wait for IT support? Here's a quick workaround

If you are trapped in IT restrictions and have no time to contact your network administrator, here's how you can temporarily work around these restrictions:
* Connect to the platform via your smartphone
* Share your smartphone Internet connection and connect with your laptop using this connection

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