After creating a live, there are two options to invite participants.

Option 1: Invite participants via your Spot

Simply click on the live and 'edit the description button'. Once in the Live Settings, click on "Participants".

The list of participants invited to the live will appear. Click on "Invite Participants" and then two options are available.

Invite members of the Spot

If your participants are already members of your Spot, check them off and then click on the "Invite" bottom at the bottom right of your screen.

By default, your members will be notified on the platform and by email.


Invitation by email

If the participants are not yet members, then add their email address and click on Invite button. They will be notified by email and invited to join your Spot to participate in the live event.

⚠️ It's possible to edit the email template sent to participants. Click on "View template" then "edit".


Option 2: Invite participants from your usual communication sources (social networks, mailings, website...)

Just copy and paste the URL of your live event on your Spot and share it anywhere!

If you go with this option, make sure your Live Privacy settings are set to "Anyone can see the Live is taking place", and "Any Spot member can register to the Live".

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