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Notification Center

Stay informed with ease through our "Notification Center" that gathers all your personalized notifications.

Accessing the Notification Center

To access the Notification Center, click on the
at the top right of the screen, next to the Avatar button. A side panel opens.
"Notification Center" button
"Notification Center" button
The Notification Center contains :
  • A settings button,
  • Two tabs,
  • A Mark all as read button.

The Notification Center

Within the Notification Center, there are 2 parts:
  • An All tab: in this part you'll find all notifications related to your Spot in general (added to a collection, channel, member having joined your Spot, etc.).
Notification Center All tab
Notification Center All tab
  • A Messages tab: in this part you'll find all notifications related to messages about you (replies to one of your messages, mentions, direct messages, etc.).
Notification Center Messages tab
Notification Center Messages tab

Set notifications

In the top right-hand corner, you'll find a button that lets you adjust the number of notifications you receive within the app. In any case, notifications that concern you personally will be displayed in the "Notification Center".
Clicking on this button gives you 3 options:
  • Off: You won't receive any notifications.
  • Limited: You will only receive notifications that concern you personally.
  • All notifications: You will receive all notifications.