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Bulk Message

You can send the same direct message to multiple members at once! Just head over to your Spot settings and find the Audience page to get started.

Create a Bulk Message

To create a bulk message:
  • Click on Action.
  • Select Send Message.
  • A drawer will open.

Write the message

In the first part of the drawer, write the message you want to send to your members. You have all the layout features of a classic message at your disposal (italics, bold, underlined, etc.). You can also insert variables in your message. To do this, click on the icon {...}, a menu opens with the following variables:
  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Email.

Selecting recipients

In the second section of the side panel, simply choose the members you want to include in your direct message. You can use the search bar to find and select specific groups or individual members. To add them to your recipients:
  • Click on the button to the left of the search bar.
  • Choose whether you want to search for members or groups in your Spot.
  • Search for the names of the members you want to send this message to or the name of the group that includes them.
You can remove members or groups from the recipients by clicking on the cross that appears at the end of the line when you move your mouse over a member or group.
You cannot add more than 250 members to your recipient list.
Only members with an accepted status can receive a direct message. So :
  • If you search through the members, you will only see accepted members.
  • If you add a group as a recipient, only accepted members of the group will receive this message.
Once you have filled in these two elements, click on Send message.