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Your spot relies on the presence of members. And the control tower for these members is your audience board.
From this board, you can invite new members and keep track of their status. Once the member joins your spot, you will also find the information they entered in their registration form displayed on the board.


You can filter the data in the audience table. This will make it easier for you to perform actions such as sending a bulk message to a certain type of member, deleting invitations or deactivating members. To filter the audience table:
  • Click on the Filters button above the table.
  • A modal opens.
In this box, you can select the column to which you wish to apply the filter. Then choose the operator (contains, is equal, etc.) and the value you wish to filter on.
You can add further criteria by clicking on Add filter. The operator between the two filters is AND. In other words, your table will contain only those members that meet both the first filter's criterion and the second filter's criterion.
You can delete a filter by clicking on the cross to the left of the filter.
By default, the audience table is filtered and displays only members with an Accepted, Invited, Pending or Declined status.
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