Guidelines speakers

Some instructions

  • use Google Chrome browser

  • allow microphone and camera sharing on your browser

  • make sure you are logged in (if you see login or join the spot, login)

  • make sure you are logged in on the right profile (top right) = the email you were invited with as a speaker

  • make sure you have a good internet connection

  • remember to turn off your microphone when you are not speaking

Test your internet connection and stability

Speed test πŸ‘‰ Speedtest by Ookla

Ping test (red bar = cut) πŸ‘‰ Ping, tool to test the stability of your connection

Join the studio

Please, make sure you are logged & with the email you were invited with as a speaker.

As long as the live host has not started the live, the message below the video player will say "you are not live yet".

I am on MAC

Avoid using Safari to access the studio.

If you have to download Chrome, remember to allow camera/microphone access

Go to: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Camera / Microphone

Share my screen

When you join the studio as a speaker or participant in a workshop you can share your screen by clicking on the Share icon πŸ”²

πŸ“’ If you share a video with sound, make sure you share the audio from the system

Sometimes you may not be able to switch your presentation to full screen, in this case please switch to the google chrome browser or update your PowerPoint slide settings to prevent this :

  • Open your PowerPoint application.

  • Click on Slideshow in the top toolbar, then click on Configure Slideshow.

  • Under "view type," select Viewed by one person (window) and click OK.

  • When you start screen sharing in the studio, click on window and select the PowerPoint presentation you want to share.

How to access the settings

Go to the settings βš™ at the top left of the studio to :

  • change the background effect*

  • change the audio and video sources

*It is not possible to load your own background via the function of our studio but you can use external solutions like XSplit VCam.

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