The homepage of your Spot is accessible from the home icon 🏠 at the top left of the platform.

This is a fundamental element: it is the showcase of your community! It is also publicly accessible by anyone who has the URL, all the more reason to take care of it!

By default, the Spot's main page (indicated by the 🏠 home icon in the Spot menu) is populated with sample content.

Click on the "Edit" button on the main Spotlight page. The various sections are now editable.

Create a heading line

  • At the bottom of the main page, there is a banner "Add a line", enabling you to create a new line of topics.

    • A line represents all the headings vertically at the same level.

    • A heading is not limited in content length.

  • Four formats are possible:

    • 100%: create a heading in the whole width of the main page;

    • 50-50%: create two headings of the same width on the same line;

    • 25-75%: create two headings on the same line, the second heading being 3 times the size of the first;

    • 75-25%: create two headings on the same line, the first heading being 3 times the size of the second;

Editing a field

Editing Text

When selecting text in the field, an edit tab appears above the selected text. This tab allows, in the order of the icons, to perform the following actions:

  • Title: choose the size/importance of the text, using a drop-down menu. You have the choice between 4 formats:

    • Text: defines the selection as standard text;

    • Title 3 : defines the selection as a small title;

    • Heading 2 : defines the selection as a medium size heading;

    • Heading 1 : defines the selection as a large heading;

  • Bold letters :

    • Click to activate

    • Alternatively, the Ctrl+B command works

  • Italic letters :

    • Click to activate

    • the Ctrl+I command also works

  • Underline :

    • Click to activate

    • Alternatively, the Ctrl+U command also works to underline.

  • Strikethrough : strike out the selected text or to delete the strikethrough if it is already present;

  • Quote: apply/unapply formatting with indentation and italics;

  • Align left/right, Center, Justified: allows you to align the selected text to the left, center, right of the field or to force it to fill the field to its full width;

  • Bulleted list: add a bullet to the selected line of text;

  • Numbered list: add a paragraph with a number to the selected line of text;

  • Link : convert the selected text into a clickable link to the URL you have entered.

    • the Ctrl+K command also works to convert to a link.


When clicking on a field, a toolbar is displayed above the field. With the toolbar you can perform the following actions:

  • Image: insert an image via a URL;

    • An image is always independent of the text, it occupies a full line, is always centered in the width of the heading and, when loaded, is always at maximum width.

    • To resize an image, drag the side borders of the picture with the cursor.

    • the Ctrl+V command also works to insert an image.

    • To delete an image: click on the image and delete with the keyboard (⌫).

  • Link: insert a clickable URL link to a third party page;

    • Alternatively, the Ctrl+K command also works to add a link.

  • Integration <>: allows you to integrate up to 1900 tools to make your homepage more dynamic - Look here :

  • Emoji : insert an emoji character from the proposed catalog;

  • Undo / Redo : delete or restore the last action performed during editing;

    • Alternatively, the Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y commands also work to delete and restore.

  • Insert line above/below: allows you to create a field line above or below the selected field;

  • Delete the field.

Deleting a field line

  • Click on the row to be deleted.

  • In the toolbar that appears above the field, click on "Delete field".

Save changes

  • Click on the "Save" button on the main page of the Spot. The changes you made are now saved.

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